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Catamaran Private Day Time Cruise


If privacy and peace is what you’re looking for, our suggestion is to have the whole yacht to yourselves! By booking the Private Cruise, you and your chosen company have the privilege to enjoy a proper sailing adventure, onboard one of our yachts with the crew dedicated to your needs!
This is the schedule we have arranged for you. If you want something different contact us to personalize your trip, or check out our “Luxurious Cruise”-under “Unique Requests”- for a once in a lifetime experience.

Price up to 6 persons. Every extra person is 100€.

Departure Time: 09:00

Return Time: 14:00



The Day Time Private Cruise starts from the port of Vlychada, a traditional fisherman’s shelter, with the early morning mist. The first leg of our cruise takes place in the Southern part of Santorini. We will sail past the 3 colourful beaches ( Red Beach, White beach, Black beach) and we will have the chance to admire the volcanic rocks that form the island. Past the -so called- Indian Rock and the famous Venetian Lighthouse located in Akrotiri, you can lay your eyes upon the massive Caldera, the crater of the Volcano. Admire the natural beauty, feel the energy of the Volcano while hoisting up the sails and get carried away by the smooth sensation of sailing on top of the dark blue waves.

First stop is at the Volcanic Islands, “Nea Kameni” and “Palea Kameni”, the latest creations of the volcano, made entirely out of Black lava. There, you will have the chance to swim inside the “Hot Springs” area, where the water changes colour due to the high concentration of sulfour. Grab your goggles and go for it!

Departing from the Volcanic Islands you will be greated by the village of Oia, the crown jewel of Santorini. Sailing inside Caldera once again you can see the island of Therasia, the White Island and the crater of the volcano in all it’s glory!

Second stop is at the Black Rocks, one of the most beautiful bays of the islands. Crystal clear water and magnificent views will welcome you and invite you for a swim, while, in the meantime, we will be preparing launch, inspired by the traditional Greek cuisine!

Our adventure ends in Vlychada


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